27 January 2017


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Browsing/querying of textual data 

Italian Dialogues by Giordano Bruno

This collection of the works of Giordano Bruno was packaged in the 70s-80s in cooperation with the Insitute for the European Intellectual Lexicon, then called Study Centre of the CNR, ILIESI today.

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Corpus of the Works of St. Teresa de Ávila

This corpus was produced in the ’80-'90. This research project was promoted by Prof. Guido Mancini with the collaboration of the University of Pisa, the University of Turin (Prof. Ruffinatto) and ILC-CNR.

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Cretan Institutional Inscriptions

Web application to query the collection of epigraphic records pertaining to the Cretan institutions of the period between the VII and I century BC created within the doctoral project of Irene Vagionakis (Ca' Foscari University of Venice) and maintained by VeDPH.

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Freeling to COnLL Converter

Converter from freeling output to COnLL tab-format. This tool converts POS-tags and morphological-tags too.

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MWExtractor .tsv to LMF Converter

Converter from MWExtractor .tsv output file to LMF.

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Conll Dependency to GrAF Converter

Converter from dependency annotated (Conll format) texts into GrAF.

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Extraction/acquisition of linguistic information

SCF Extractor (IT)

Subcat extractor for the Italian language only.

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SCF Extractor Language Indipendent

Subcat extractor language independent.

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Multiword Extractor

Multiword extractor language indipendent.

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Multiword Extractor: Average Frequency Filter

Multiword extractor that applies an average frequency filter on MWE.

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Multiword Extractor: Merge Overlapping Strings

Multiword extractor that applies a filter that merges overlapping strings.

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Multiword Extractor: Remove Stopwords

Multiword extractor that applies a filter that removes expressions that contain given stopwords.

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Multiword Extractor: Remove Substrings

Multiword extractor that applies a filter that removes substrings.

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Multiword Extractor: Reorder

Multiword extractor that applies a filter that reorders ExtractorMW data by pair_frequency.

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Lexical editing


Collaborative Web editor used for the creation and management of (multilingual) lexical and terminological resources as linked data resources.

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LMF Merger

LMF merger of two Italian lexicons.

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LMF ML Merger

LMF multilevel merger.

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Text annotation/analysis

Freeling IT

Freeling executable for the Italian language only, up to tagged.

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Dependency shift/reduce parser for Italian language.

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LTFW (Linguistic Tools For Weblicht)

Java porting of the perl-based tokenizer developed within the OpeNER project.

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