LexO is a collaborative Web editor used for the creation and management of (multilingual) lexical and terminological resources as linked data resources. The editor makes use of Semantic Web technologies (which enrich Web data with semantic information in order to make them machine-readable) and the linked data publishing paradigm in order to ensure that lexical Read more about LexO[…]

LTFW (Linguistic Tools For Weblicht)

Linguistic services This is the Java porting of the perl-based tokenizer developed within the opener project. Our Java porting is available on GitHub and Docker. Current Software version 0.2, released on 04/10/2017 ILC4CLARIN provides three sets of distinct web services to perform tokenization on texts for the following languages: ita (or it) fra (or fr) Read more about LTFW (Linguistic Tools For Weblicht)[…]

SCF Extractor (IT)

‘SCF Extractor (IT)’ is a service that performs inductive subcategorisation extraction from dependency parsed texts, formatted according to the CoNLL-X format. This tool/service was optimized for Italian. The SCF Extractor tool was developed at CNR-ILC and deployed as a soap web service within the EU-FP7-STREP PANACEA project (www.panacea-lr.eu). The service requires 2 input data: 1) Read more about SCF Extractor (IT)[…]


Desr is a web service that performs dependency parsing on Italian tokenised, part-of-speech tagged, morphologically analysed texts. The web service was originally deployed by CNR-ILC within the EU-FP7-STREP PANACEA project (www.panacea-lr.eu) and implements the 2007 DeSR Parser [r4] code developed at the University of Pisa by Prof. Attardi and his group, and available at https://sourceforge.net/p/desr/code/HEAD/tree/branches/. Read more about Desr[…]

Freeling IT

Freeling IT is a web service that performs sentence splitting, tokenization, part-of-speech tagging, morphological analysis and lemmatization on Italian texts only. It was originally deployed within the EU-FP7-STREP PANACEA project (www.panacea-lr.eu) and implements the Freeling 2.1 libraries with no modification of the original code (which is available here). For a description of the Freeling tool Read more about Freeling IT[…]