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Category Service name Description
  converter_freeling_to (WSDL) Converter from Freeling output to TO
  converter_kaf_to (WSDL) Converter from KAF to TO
  converter_mwe_tsv_2_lmf (WSDL) Convert MWExtractor tsv output file to LMF
  converter_to_plain (WSDL) Converter from TO1 to plain text (it remove every boilerplate)
  desr (WSDL) DeSR is a shift-reduce dependency parser for Italian Language
  estrattore_scf (WSDL) Subcat Extractor for Italian language only.
  estrattore_scf_lang_indip (WSDL) Subcat Extractor language independent
  extractor_mw (WSDL) Multiword Extractor language indipendent.
  fc_freeling_text_2_conll_it (WSDL) Converter form freeling output to COnLL tab-format. This tool converts POS-tags and morphological-tags too
  filter_averagefreq_on_mwe (WSDL) Applies averagef filter on MWE
  freeling_it (WSDL) Freeling executable for Italian language only. Up to tagged
  freeling_outofthebox (WSDL) Freeling example out of the box. This application runs on several languages and for several annotation levels. Please
  freeling_to_lib (WSDL) Freeling library for Italian language only. Up to tagged
  grafconverter_chunk_freeling2graf (WSDL) Converter from freeling chunked texts into GrAF
  grafconverter_dependencyconll (WSDL) Converter from dependency annotated (Conll format) texts into GrAF
  lmf_merger (WSDL) Lmf Merger of two Italian lexicons.
  lmf_ml_merger (WSDL) LMF Multi Level Merger
  post_filter_merge_overlapping_strings (WSDL) Post filter that merge overlapping strings
  post_filter_remove_stopwords (WSDL) Remove expressions that contain given stopwords.
  post_filter_remove_substring (WSDL) Remove substring.
  post_filter_reorder (WSDL) Reorder ExtractorMW data by pair_frequency
  splitter_url (WSDL) This tool takes in input a file that contains urls of every file that it will be processed

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