Offered services

ILC4CLARIN offers the set of services provided by OPENER.

Current Software version 1.0, released on 15/04/2019. It is available at CNR-ILC github

ILC4CLARIN Opener services are available for 6 languages:

Please click on the desired service to get more information.

Offered services return one of the following output formats:

Each service receives a json string in input and returns the output which correspond to the selected service.

The json string is something like the following:
Where file is the input file; language is the language; iformat is the input file format. Finally oformat is a not mandatory parameter to tell the service to return the result in oformat. If this parameter is not supplied, the the output is returned in KAF.


In case of problems write an email to The ILC4CLARIN technical staff with all the information needed to solve the issues, included the version number.